Anthology of short fiction is
2018 re-edit editions are



The complete Anahita Chronicles have been re-edited by the author and are NOW AVAILABLE as self published work.

The new editions are much cleaner in format and editing, and feature new cover design. The story is unchanged but the new edit was extensive. If the re-launch goes well, a Book IV is absolutely possible. I have bold ideas for the future of Anahita. 



Projects on the fire:

Ballad of the Pyromancer:

My major fantasy work previously teased as Dragonsbane is under renovations. It currently sits at 231,582 words, a massive volume but a beloved project. The lead character worked his way out of a home brew D20 system game when I was a lad of just 19 or so, and has haunted me ever since. I hope he and his story will haunt you soon too, but I am seeking a serious publisher for that story, it deserves nothing less. It is LGBT forward high-fantasy about the rise of a new God of fire in a war torn empire. 


My finished detective novel A Murder on Fort Street is also seeking publication. Set in 1939 in the city of Victoria BC, it centres around fictionalised versions of real events precipitating World War II.  


My y/a novel The Girl Who Came From The Moon is also seeking publication. An unusual novel I could describe as existing in that place where pure science fiction meets the "magical teenager" genre, at least in the sense of Clarke's First Law:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology

 is indistinguishable from magic,"


The Colony is an in-production anthology of novellas and short fiction. Stories will stand alone, but some will tie into stories from my previous collection Homo Superior. We will see a continuation of The Dark Forever, and The Action Men. The Herald of Autumn is already a complete fantasy novella at 14,000 words, and some other shorter stories are ready but much work is yet to be done. I will probably self publish it as I did HM, but as always, I am interested in hearing from any serious publisher.


Unfortunately my previously teased Rebecca Ravenwood, The Feylight still needs a lot of work, right now I'm thinking of major re-writes. It is and will remain LGBT Y/A. It is not my focus right now, but I won't be able to forget it. I'll let it simmer on the back burners for now, but keep your eye out for updates.




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