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Murder on Fort Street

Detective fiction set in Victoria B.C. Canada in 1939. 

As King George finishes the Canadian leg of his last pre-war journey to North America, Nazi Assassins plot to kill him, hoping to destabilize Great Britain and Canada. Victoria Police Detective Laise McCready enters investigating a daylight murder, and begins to unravel their operation. 

Murder on Fort Street is an all-too possible fictional chapter of history surrounding real events. 

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The Ballad of the Pyromancer

LGBT forward high Fantasy. 


A war rages between the Infinite Empire, and the savage Blood-Coalition, a terrible force of elves and orcs led by powerful warlords sworn to service of the God Dragon Vinslos. When the Infinite Empire's child queen and living Goddess Shora Douvekur learns of a new god of fire rising in the country, she sends out champions to find him and bring him safely to her capital in hopes of swaying the new God to her cause. But she is not alone. The warlord Katar, most fearsome of the Coalition leaders, has noticed the awakening as well, and has set his eye on our protagonist, young Methos Haraton.      

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An eclectic collection of novellas and short fiction from Samuel Blondahl, author of The Anahita Chronicles. 


Homo Superior is an adventure love story that begins with the creation of universe and ends in the apocalypse. This is a journey into the depths of Hades and onto the heights of Olympus.

This volume contains several novellas and short stories in multiple genres that will keep you up at night. 

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The Girl Who Came From The Moon

Science Fiction

1987 Richfield, British Columbia.

  Two children are stargazing on the night of a new moon, when a meteor hits the field near where they lay. A meteor with a passenger, a strange and frightened young girl who will bring adventure to Richfield of a kind never before known. She will change their lives forever, and forge the fate of two worlds.             

    A whimsical yet griping science fiction novel for all ages, The Girl Who Came From The Moon surprises and delights, yet still has the teeth to frighten. 


   The semi-fictional town of Richfield is born of memory and imagination. It is named after a real ghost town, as are all the locations named in this book. Consider this a parallel world, one where anything is possible, even in 1987.


    Here is a place, and time, where we all belong.        


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The Anahita Chronicles : Book I
Samuel Blondahl.

  The crew of the starship Mercury prepare for a short trip to  Mars,   both  to  test  a   miraculous  new  engine,  and  to serve in an assistance capacity to the  first landing team to set foot on the red  planet. Sabotage and mutiny strand the Mercury and all hands deep in uncharted space. The ship damaged, and the crew subject to the horrible stress of knowing they may never see Earth again, they accidentally stumble across something amazing that will shake our understanding of the universe, and our place in it.
                     This is a story of human determination, achievement, and curiosity, set against all too human hatred, madness, and fear.

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The Anahita Chronicles : Book II

Samuel Blondahl


Fourteen years after the discovery of the planet Anahita deep inside the Ursa Minor dwarf elliptical galaxy, humans have colonized the new world, and built a second starship to establish a stronger presence and facilitate further exploration and transportation between galaxies. Anne Webber, daughter of the famous Mercury designer, takes the engineering seat on Excalibur’s maiden voyage, and drives straight into unexpected horror.     
  The enigmatic and quiet Alien race known as the Makhar have built a new battleship of their own, under the auspices of NASA’s long lost astronaut Lieutenant Jane Hobbs. The human colonists on Anahita, and the crew of the two starships Mercury and Excalibur are thrown into a dramatic conflict that threatens the future of the deep space program, the security of Anahita, and potentially all of mankind.


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The Anahita Chronicles : Book III

Samuel Blondahl

  Overflow has been weaponised. The miraculous and strange radioactive fluid that allows star ships to travel across the universe in the blink of an eye has properties not unlike antimatter. Its potential as a world killing weapon did not go unnoticed. Now, the American Government has begun construction of a missile capable of immediate extragalactic strike. Russia has nearly completed construction of their own star ship, and also intends to weaponise the excess fluid, but Russia is not the enemy. Earth has been directly threatened by a new and unknown alien presence, beings who are also apparently capable of Overflow travel. A message threatening invasion of the Earth has been transmitted from somewhere in the Andromedae constellation.  

 Meanwhile on distant Anahita, an ancient and abandoned city complex constructed of solid crystal has been discovered buried under an old growth forest. Undeniable evidence connects it directly to the strange new threat from Andromedae.


  Canadian author Samuel Blondahl provides a powerful story with themes that affect us all. Do not miss the stunning conclusion to the Mercury trilogy.

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