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Anthology of short fiction




La Saveur de la Vie.

Part X is now live!




 to read from the beginning or scroll down for Part XI


La Saveur de la Vie is a serial horror novel, written in chapters every October starting in 2012. The most recent chapter Part XI was posted in October 2022. I forbid myself to write a single word of this story outside of the Halloween season. It is, and always will be, a free Halloween special exclusive to this blog.


Projects on the fire:

The Colony is an in-production anthology of novellas and short fiction. Stories will stand alone, but some will tie into stories from my previous collection Homo Superior. We will see a continuation of The Dark Forever, and The Action Men. The Herald of Autumn is already a complete fantasy novella at 14,000 words, and some other shorter stories are ready but much work is yet to be done. I will probably self publish it as I did HM, but as always, I am interested in hearing from any serious publisher.


Unfortunately my previously teased Rebecca Ravenwood: The Feylight still needs a lot of work, right now I'm thinking of major re-writes. It is and will remain LGBT Y/A. It is not my focus right now, but I won't be able to forget it. I'll let it simmer on the back burners for now, but keep your eye out for updates.




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