Anthology of short fiction




Forest fires have ravaged the world this year, and my little corner of it is no exception. We were on evacuation alert for most of the summer, but thankfully the efforts of fire fighters have been working.


Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed and fought against this environmental disaster.  


We have a lot of work left to do, but take it from a sci-fi writer, we have great potential.


October is just around the corner. As always, I am looking forward to writing this year's chapter of La Saveur de la vie. Check out my blog to catch up on the ongoing story! Started in 2012, and written one chapter a year ever since, La Saveur de la vie is a bloody Halloween horror serial. 


Projects on the fire:

The Colony is an in-production anthology of novellas and short fiction. Stories will stand alone, but some will tie into stories from my previous collection Homo Superior. We will see a continuation of The Dark Forever, and The Action Men. The Herald of Autumn is already a complete fantasy novella at 14,000 words, and some other shorter stories are ready but much work is yet to be done. I will probably self publish it as I did HM, but as always, I am interested in hearing from any serious publisher.


Unfortunately my previously teased Rebecca Ravenwood: The Feylight still needs a lot of work, right now I'm thinking of major re-writes. It is and will remain LGBT Y/A. It is not my focus right now, but I won't be able to forget it. I'll let it simmer on the back burners for now, but keep your eye out for updates.