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Anthology of short fiction



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Homo Superior and the Anahita Chronicles have just been re-edited and re-released with a cleaner edit and new cover art, a blend of digital and Ai generated art appropriate for the themes of the novels. I've never been so happy with my work or so proud of the finished product. Happy reading!


Part XI of my ongoing Halloween Horror serial "La Saveur de la Vie" is now live! 



 to read from the beginning

or scroll down for Part XI


La Saveur de la Vie is a serial horror novel, written in chapters every October starting in 2012. The most recent chapter Part XI was posted in October 2022. I forbid myself to write a single word of this story outside of the Halloween season. It is, and always will be, a free Halloween special exclusive to this blog.


Projects on the fire:

The Herald of Autumn is an in-production anthology of novellas and short fiction. Stories will stand alone, but some will tie into stories from my previous collection Homo Superior. We will see a continuation of The Dark Forever, and The Action Men. The titular work, The Herald of Autumn is a complete fantasy novella, and other Novellas and short stories are ready but much work is yet to be done. I will probably self publish it as I did HM, but as always, I am interested in hearing from any serious publisher.




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